Episode 67 - Killer Clowns and Cannibals

Christmas comes in early in the form of our last episode of the year.

In this episode, Gary, Harrison, and Eric continue their discovery journey of Adventure edition and share their experience at the table with you.

In the Rippers campaign, they share their experience playing an Interlude, and a combat encounter that quickly turned into the party fleeing. Eric and Gary discuss the killer clowns' acid spray attack and the updated burst power.

In the Last Parsec: Irongate campaign, Gary and Eric talk about a seemingly random encounter that resulted in a near TPK (Total Party Kill). Joker's Wild, Two Weapon fighting, Multi-Actions, Disarm, Entangle and Stunned are discussed here in depth. To wrap it up, Gary and Eric share their thoughts on how brutal Savage Worlds is, and that this encounter turned out to be one of the most memorable they've ever played and why. For GMs looking for tips to design encounters, this episode gives a lot of good insight into the process.

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